AVM volume 11, issue 2, P89-101 2019 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v11i2.28 View full text
Sara Savić, Marina Žekić Stošić, Ivan Pušić, Vladimir Polaček, Živoslav Grgić, Doroteja Marčić, Miroljub Dačić, Dejan Bugarski

Abstract: Ovine brucellosis can cause epididymitis and reduce fertility in rams and therefore is an important disease in sheep and rams from economic point of view. Sometimes it causes abortions and increased perinatal mortality in sheep as well, but it primarily affects male animals. Brucella ovis was first identified in northern region of Serbia, in 2008-2009 during a research study. Specific antibodies against Brucella ovis were detected in the sheep that originated from Becej and Titel municipalities in the South Ba…

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