Make your content discoverable

Make your content discoverable

Improve the discoverability of your articles and raise the profile of your publications by indexing them with scite. scite reports attract thousands of users a week and generate significant traffic for publisher partners.

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Help support your authors

Help support your authors

Support current authors and attract new ones by providing them with data on how their research is being received, whether its been supported, or contrasted and the overall context of citations to their work. Enable authors to have access to this information through various scite tools such as email alerts displaying scite Smart Citation data to authors when new citations are made to their work.

Understand your journals and track how articles are cited over time

Use scite Journal dashboards to better understand how articles in your journal(s) have been cited. Discover how many supporting or contrasting citations your journal has received and what is the most supported or contrasted article in your journal.

Track individual publications or set an email alert to track citations to your entire journal. scite provides a view of your publications like no other.

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Demonstrate how reliable your publications are

Demonstrate the veracity of your publications by displaying the Smart Citation badge on your articles, showing explicitly which articles have been supported. Badges create a link to scite reports for readers to understand the full citation contexts of the article they are reading. Building trust with readers is important, scite can help.

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Ensure your future publications stand on solid ground

References are a critical part of a scientific publication. Ensure references on your submissions are reliable through the scite Reference check, an automated screening tool that identifies references that have been retracted or heavily contrasted. Contact us if you'd like to join a growing number of publishers who have integrated scite Reference check in their submission system.

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