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Quickly discover how a scientific article has been cited and if it has been supported or contrasted through Smart Citations. Smart Citations transform citations from a mere number into something that can be understood and digested on virtually any article you’re reading.


Take the power of scite with you anywhere you’re reading online

The scite browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari allows you to easily see how articles have been cited anywhere you’re reading online. It’s like having hundreds of millions of pieces of evidence on virtually any topic you’re interested in available to you only a click away.

Discover and keep track of your own work

Discover and keep track of your own work

Sign up and claim your articles to see how your own work has been cited. Email alerts are free so you can keep track of new citations and see if others have found evidence that supports or contrasts your work. We offer ORCID integration too for easy sign-up and syncing of your articles.

scite before you cite

Writing a research paper? The scite Reference Check allows you to easily upload your research articles to see how the references you’re citing have been cited by others. Ensure that you are citing reliable work by screening against retracted references and check to see if others have contrasted your references.


A better way to do a literature review

Visualize how scientific articles cite each other through scite Visualizations. Visualizations allows you to better discover and evaluate scientific articles through an interactive citation network.


Keep track of research topics and evaluate research quality

Keep track of emerging citations to trending topics and research areas with custom scite research dashboards. Get updated when a study gets supported, contrasted, or receives a new editorial notice such as retracted or withdrawn.


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We've partnered with leading organizations to help researchers discover and evaluate literature more effectively.


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