Give your organization super powers

Give your organization super powers

Seeing how an article has been cited is vastly more useful than simply seeing how many times an article has been cited. With scite, researchers can more effectively discover and evaluate scientific articles in a novel way. We offer a variety of tools such as advanced search, research dasboards, reference checking, visualizations, and more that help academic institutions and research libraries provide better services.

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Better understand how publications from your institution are being cited

Use scite Institutional dashboards to better understand how articles from your institution have been cited. Discover how many supporting or disputing citations your institution has received and what is the most supported or disputed article from your institution. The scite Index (SI), a ratio of supporting citations over total testing citations (supporting+disputing), allows you to compare your citations against other institutions to examine how work from your institution is being cited over time.


Evaluate and improve research quality

Keep track of emerging citations to trending topics and research areas with custom scite research dashboards. Get updated when a study gets supported, disputed, or receives a new editorial notice such as retracted or withdrawn. Keep track of authors, institutions, and literature of interest in a custom dashboard. Integrate and harness our data with data exporting, API access, SSO, and other integration points.

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We've partnered with leading organizations to help researchers discover and evaluate literature more effectively.


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ISMTE People's Choice Award
ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing
NSF Phase 1 SBIR Grant
NIH/NIDA SBIR Fast-track grant
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