Below are journals in our system, along with their scite Index (SI) scores from 2022, and a count of how many supporting, mentioning, and contrasting citations they've received in our database. You can sort the table on any combination of columns by shift-clicking, and also filter by the journal and publisher names (case insensitive). Please note that these numbers change regularly as we continue to index publications and add new Smart Citations to our system.
What is the scite Index?
The scite Index (SI) measures how supported publications from a journal are, and is calculated using the following formula:
For example, the 2019 2-year SI includes citations to articles published in 2018 and 2019. There must be at least 100 supporting and/or contrasting cites in the measuring period to receive an SI.

Note: Some of the columns are hidden for this display. To see the full details, please visit this page on a larger screen.

No.JournalPublisher2-Year SI5-Year SILifetime SITotal Cites Contrasting Supporting Mentioning
1.Mathematics of ComputationAmerican Mathematical Society (AMS)-1.000.98201,406 54 2,643 196,625
2.Journal of Number TheoryElsevier BV-1.000.9862,379 31 1,226 59,562
3.Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical PhysicsInternational Press of Boston-1.000.97118,739 81 2,800 115,377
4.Earth and Planetary PhysicsEarth and Planetary Physics-1.001.001,395 0 113 1,270
5.International Journal of Bio-Resource and Stress ManagementPuspa Publishing House-1.000.981,661 6 363 1,258
6.Russian Chemical BulletinSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-1.000.9553,372 127 2,496 49,812
7.Linear Algebra and Its ApplicationsElsevier BV-1.000.98171,290 49 2,317 167,171
8.The Annals of Applied ProbabilityInstitute of Mathematical Statistics-0.990.97110,033 80 2,500 106,980
9.Discrete and Continuous Dynamical SystemsAmerican Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)-0.990.9856,334 23 1,245 54,665
10.Electronic Journal of Plant BreedingEJPB, ISPB, CPBG - Tamil Nadu Agricultural University-0.990.992,221 6 854 1,342
11.Mathematische ZeitschriftSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.98164,625 52 2,706 158,579
12.Stochastic Processes and Their ApplicationsElsevier BV-0.990.98110,555 62 2,524 107,336
13.Journal of Thermal Spray TechnologySpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.9427,895 66 1,049 25,902
14.Journal of Pure and Applied AlgebraElsevier BV-0.990.99100,420 9 1,515 97,990
15.Discrete Applied MathematicsElsevier BV-0.990.97101,049 37 1,106 98,843
16.Numerische MathematikSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.97147,200 57 1,781 143,542
17.Physics of the Solid StatePleiades Publishing Ltd-0.990.9332,927 146 1,974 29,421
18.International Mathematics Research NoticesOxford University Press (OUP)-0.990.9887,055 33 1,963 84,160
19.Current Drug TargetsBentham Science Publishers Ltd.-0.990.9465,717 83 1,258 62,971
20.Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - RnaWiley-0.990.9534,961 34 620 33,990
21.AcarologiaEDP Sciences-0.990.962,296 7 178 2,055
22.Communications in Partial Differential EquationsInforma UK Limited-0.990.9791,601 54 1,892 88,737
23.European Journal of MineralogySchweizerbart-0.990.9445,732 186 2,977 41,486
24.Journal of Taibah University for ScienceInforma UK Limited-0.990.907,164 42 365 6,631
25.Selecta MathematicaSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.991.0034,584 3 609 33,523