Below are journals in our system, along with their scite Index (SI) scores from 2020, and a count of how many supporting, mentioning, and contrasting citations they've received in our database. You can sort the table on any combination of columns by shift-clicking, and also filter by the journal and publisher names (case insensitive). Please note that these numbers change regularly as we continue to index publications and add new Smart Citations to our system.
Journal Name
Publisher Name
What is the scite Index?
The scite Index (SI) measures how supported publications from a journal are, and is calculated using the following formula:
For example, the 2019 2-year SI includes citations to articles published in 2018 and 2019. Journals must have at least 100 supporting and/or contrasting cites in the measuring period to receive an SI.

Note: Some of the columns are hidden for this display. To see the full details, please visit this page on a larger screen.

No.JournalPublisher2-Year SI5-Year SILifetime SITotal Cites Contrasting Supporting Mentioning
1Discrete and Continuous Dynamical SystemsAmerican Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)-1.000.9830,369 11 673 29,685
2Journal of Plant ProductionEgypts Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research-1.001.001,462 2 568 892
3Archive for Rational Mechanics and AnalysisSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.96142,422 95 2,571 139,756
4Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & StructuresWiley-0.990.9541,174 88 1,576 39,510
5Journal of African BusinessInforma UK Limited-0.990.972,757 7 234 2,516
6Bulletin of Earthquake EngineeringSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.9115,503 42 430 15,031
7Journal of Manufacturing ProcessesElsevier BV-0.990.978,752 8 241 8,503
8Inventiones MathematicaeSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.98208,124 60 3,107 204,957
9Procedia ManufacturingElsevier BV-0.990.9510,043 11 190 9,842
10Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise TechnologiesPrivate Company Technology Center-0.990.987,530 2 115 7,413
11Polymers for Advanced TechnologiesWiley-0.990.9541,195 80 1,567 39,548
12Journal of Drug Delivery Science and TechnologyElsevier BV-0.990.988,949 5 300 8,644
13International Journal of Solids and StructuresElsevier BV-0.990.95175,019 259 5,028 169,732
14Applied Organometallic ChemistryWiley-0.990.9528,889 66 1,337 27,486
15Journal of AlgebraElsevier BV-0.990.98166,504 45 2,362 164,097
16Proceedings of the American Mathematical SocietyAmerican Mathematical Society (AMS)-0.990.98165,040 65 3,806 161,169
17Journal of Systematics and EvolutionWiley-0.980.9010,228 61 546 9,621
18European Journal of ProtistologyElsevier BV-0.980.9017,621 110 997 16,514
19Mathematical ProgrammingSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.980.96128,549 49 1,261 127,239
20Alexandria Engineering JournalElsevier BV-0.980.968,528 8 206 8,314
21Journal of Constructional Steel ResearchElsevier BV-0.980.9740,473 27 965 39,481
22Journal of Differential EquationsElsevier BV-0.980.97166,176 119 3,307 162,750
23Journal of Cluster ScienceSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.980.956,726 17 342 6,367
24Physical BiologyIOP Publishing-0.980.9424,327 70 1,098 23,159
25International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-BeingInforma UK Limited-0.980.9710,565 12 459 10,094