Below are journals in our system, along with their scite Index (SI) scores from 2022, and a count of how many supporting, mentioning, and contrasting citations they've received in our database. You can sort the table on any combination of columns by shift-clicking, and also filter by the journal and publisher names (case insensitive). Please note that these numbers change regularly as we continue to index publications and add new Smart Citations to our system.
What is the scite Index?
The scite Index (SI) measures how supported publications from a journal are, and is calculated using the following formula:
For example, the 2019 2-year SI includes citations to articles published in 2018 and 2019. There must be at least 100 supporting and/or contrasting cites in the measuring period to receive an SI.

Note: Some of the columns are hidden for this display. To see the full details, please visit this page on a larger screen.

No.JournalPublisher2-Year SI5-Year SILifetime SITotal Cites Contrasting Supporting Mentioning
1Linear Algebra and Its ApplicationsElsevier BV-1.000.98166,803 48 2,256 162,835
2Mathematics of ComputationAmerican Mathematical Society (AMS)-1.000.98197,113 53 2,597 192,431
3Journal of Number TheoryElsevier BV-1.000.9760,505 31 1,191 57,780
4International Journal of Bio-Resource and Stress ManagementPuspa Publishing House-1.000.991,380 3 301 1,046
5The Annals of Applied ProbabilityInstitute of Mathematical Statistics-0.990.97108,052 80 2,454 105,052
6Discrete and Continuous Dynamical SystemsAmerican Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)-0.990.9854,412 22 1,207 52,794
7Electronic Journal of Plant BreedingEJPB, ISPB, CPBG - Tamil Nadu Agricultural University-0.990.991,944 5 754 1,169
8Mathematische ZeitschriftSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.98160,339 51 2,625 154,415
9Stochastic Processes and Their ApplicationsElsevier BV-0.990.98108,073 62 2,467 104,920
10Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied SciencesWorld Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt-0.990.9760,922 38 1,057 59,504
11Journal of Nonlinear ScienceSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.9532,700 40 763 31,714
12Discrete Applied MathematicsElsevier BV-0.990.9798,602 35 1,082 96,443
13Journal of Thermal Spray TechnologySpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.9426,689 65 1,014 24,773
14Communications in Partial Differential EquationsInforma UK Limited-0.990.9789,231 54 1,847 86,423
15Numerische MathematikSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.97144,189 56 1,748 140,597
16European Journal of MineralogySchweizerbart-0.990.9444,233 184 2,880 40,103
17International Mathematics Research NoticesOxford University Press (OUP)-0.990.9883,432 33 1,895 80,634
18Journal of Plant ProductionEgypts Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research-0.990.993,719 13 1,376 2,293
19Siam Journal on Applied MathematicsSociety for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM)-0.990.96134,972 126 2,828 130,788
20Proceedings of the American Mathematical SocietyAmerican Mathematical Society (AMS)-0.990.98262,009 98 5,786 252,989
21Ain Shams Engineering JournalElsevier BV-0.990.9714,365 8 302 13,690
22Economic GeologyGeoScienceWorld-0.990.95126,669 303 5,960 115,915
23Duke Mathematical JournalDuke University Press-0.990.98202,657 66 3,716 195,409
24Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise TechnologiesPrivate Company Technology Center-0.990.9814,023 5 232 12,215
25Inventiones MathematicaeSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.980.98337,167 98 5,091 325,100