Below are journals in our system, along with their scite Index (SI) scores from 2022, and a count of how many supporting, mentioning, and contrasting citations they've received in our database. You can sort the table on any combination of columns by shift-clicking, and also filter by the journal and publisher names (case insensitive). Please note that these numbers change regularly as we continue to index publications and add new Smart Citations to our system.
What is the scite Index?
The scite Index (SI) measures how supported publications from a journal are, and is calculated using the following formula:
For example, the 2019 2-year SI includes citations to articles published in 2018 and 2019. There must be at least 100 supporting and/or contrasting cites in the measuring period to receive an SI.

Note: Some of the columns are hidden for this display. To see the full details, please visit this page on a larger screen.

No.JournalPublisher2-Year SI5-Year SILifetime SITotal Cites Contrasting Supporting Mentioning
26.Economic GeologyGeoScienceWorld-0.990.95130,394 305 6,122 119,376
27.Journal of Plant ProductionEgypts Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research-0.990.994,189 15 1,529 2,605
28.Duke Mathematical JournalDuke University Press-0.990.98208,356 70 3,817 200,952
29.Journal of Nonlinear ScienceSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.9533,946 41 791 32,929
30.Research Involvement and EngagementSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.990.988,932 4 204 8,629
31.Fibers and PolymersSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.980.9531,294 53 1,005 29,683
32.Advances in MathematicsElsevier BV-0.980.98300,000 97 4,896 292,472
33.Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied SciencesWorld Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt-0.980.9662,839 40 1,076 61,389
34.Journal of Computational and Applied MathematicsElsevier BV-0.980.97169,265 68 2,029 165,206
35.International Journal of Educational Research OpenElsevier BV-0.980.982,705 2 121 2,392
36.Structural ConcreteThomas Telford Ltd.-0.980.9713,878 13 414 12,771
37.Proceedings of the American Mathematical SocietyAmerican Mathematical Society (AMS)-0.980.98268,338 102 5,885 259,163
38.Siam Journal on Control and OptimizationSociety for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM)-0.980.96153,826 75 1,955 150,770
39.Nonlinear AnalysisElsevier BV-0.980.97157,014 119 3,682 151,833
40.Inverse ProblemsIOP Publishing-0.980.97123,390 50 1,587 120,879
41.Probability Theory and Related FieldsSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.980.97153,166 90 3,188 148,431
42.Probability Theory and Related FieldsSpringer Science and Business Media LLC-0.980.97119,027 79 2,642 115,576
43.Journal of Functional AnalysisElsevier BV-0.980.98268,099 102 5,140 260,067
44.Journal of Educational Technology SystemsMetapress-0.980.949,264 20 326 8,346
45.The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciencesindian council of agricultural research, directorate of knowledge management in agriculture-0.980.98781 3 134 641
46.Siam Journal on Applied MathematicsSociety for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM)-0.980.96138,080 129 2,885 133,813
47.Physical BiologyIOP Publishing-0.980.9536,755 89 1,549 34,952
48.The Electronic Journal of CombinatoricsThe Electronic Journal of Combinatorics-0.980.9750,694 26 991 49,492
49.Physiological and Molecular Plant PathologyElsevier BV-0.980.9249,160 214 2,345 44,985
50.International Journal of Integrated CareUbiquity Press, Ltd.-0.980.9622,406 22 523 21,144