Plants People Planet volume 2, issue 3, P229-236 2019 DOI: 10.1002/ppp3.10086

Colombia's cyberinfrastructure for biodiversity: Building data infrastructure in emerging countries to foster socioeconomic growth

Jose J. De Vega, Robert P. Davey, Jorge Duitama, Dairo Escobar, Marco A. Cristancho‐Ardila, Graham J. Etherington, Alice Minotto, Nelson E. Arenas‐Suarez, Juan D. Pineda‐Cardenas, Javier Correa‐Alvarez, Anyela V. Camargo Rodriguez, Wilfried Haerty, Juan P. Mallarino‐Robayo, Emiliano Barreto‐Hernandez, Monica Muñoz‐Torres, Narcis Fernandez‐Fuentes, Federica Di Palma,
Abstract: Colombia is a "megadiverse" country with vast natural resources. A history of recent conflict means that information is only now being collected on the natural capital of regions that were previously unexplored. Better access to data, tools, and expertise is required for evidence-supported decisions on the conservation of these resources.The development of a bespoke cyberinfrastructure could help fulfill this need by providing access to digital resources in a collaborative cyberenvironment. We outline key priorities and develop a reference framework for building cyberinfrastructure in Colombia. This framework could be applied to other fields and countries to promote knowledge exchange, scientific innovation, and socioeconomic growth.

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