volume 40, issue 8, Pe328-e330 2012
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2012.02.001
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Vladimir Reimar Augusto de Souza Noronha, Augusto César Sette-Dias, Evandro Neves Abdo, Ricardo Santiago Gomez, Ricardo Alves de Mesquita

Abstract: Idiopathic bone cavity (IBC) is a non-odontogenic intra-osseous lesion that affects the jaws and others bones. The aetiology of IBC remains unknown. IBC is frequently observed as a single radiolucent area with a corticated, well-defined border, a scalloped shape and a minimal effect on the surrounding structures. A case report of asynchronous IBC in a 17-year-old woman is presented. The first lesion occurred in the mandibular symphysis region, and the second IBC occurred in the right mandibular ramus. Both les…

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