volume 9, issue 3, P74-78 2004
DOI: 10.17986/blm.200493554
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Ahmet Hilal, Demet Meral, Muhammet Mustafa Arslan, Mete Gülmen, Mehmet Eryılmaz, Ramazan Karanfil

Abstract: …ZET SUMMARYTraffic accidents play important role in the daily routine of forensic practices. Thousands of people die or get injured due to traffic accidents each year. Traffic accidents and the data must be very well over viewed and analyzed for to assure correct protective and preventive safeties.In this study we have analyzed the data of the Adana District Attorney, the Legal Medicine Branch and Morgue Unit of the Adana Branch of the Turkish Forensic Medicine Council between the dates 01.01. 2001-31.12.200…

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