volume 8, issue 11, P2897-2914 2016
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101099
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Rachel A. Gioscia-Ryan, Micah L. Battson, Lauren M. Cuevas, Melanie C. Zigler, Amy L. Sindler, Douglas R. Seals

Abstract: Mitochondrial dysregulation and associated excessive reactive oxygen species (mtROS) production is a key source of oxidative stress in aging arteries that reduces baseline function and may influence resilience (ability to withstand stress). We hypothesized that voluntary aerobic exercise would increase arterial resilience in old mice. An acute mitochondrial stressor (rotenone) caused greater (further) impairment in peak carotid EDD in old (~27 mo., OC, n=12;−32.5±-10.5%) versus young (~7 mo., YC n=11;−5.4±- 3.…

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