DOI: 10.17265/2159-5542/2014.06.005
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Yoko Nomura, Jackie Finik, Jacquelyn Salzbank, Jenny Ly, Nancy Huynh, Taira Davey, Mariya Dineva, Ayelet Abelow, Cindy Flores, Rejina Daniel, Holly Loudon, Joanne Stone, Patricia Pierre, Gary Eglinton et al.

Abstract: Importance Preeclampsia and depression are two most prevalent disorders known to affect pregnant women and unborn infant. However, few studies have prospectively examined the adverse influence of the in-utero exposures to the two disorders on the optimal development in their offspring, including mortality, adverse birth outcomes, and infant temperament styles. Objectives (1) To examine whether exposures to preeclampsia and antenatal depression were associated with developmental indices of offspring at birt…

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