volume 12, issue 1, P45-51 2021
DOI: 10.5155/eurjchem.12.1.45-51.2056
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Fouzia Chang, Najma Memon, Huma Shaikh, Ayaz Ali Memon, Shahabuddin Memon, Paras Aazadi Memon, Abdul Sattar Chang

Abstract: Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)/coordination polymers (CPs) are a new class of hybrid inorganic/organic porous material. Recently MOFs have attracted much attention due to their large surface area, tunable pore structure, and high thermal stability. MOF-5 is composed of zinc salt and 1,4 benzene dicarboxylic linker. In the current study, MOF-5/cryogel composite was applied to extract cholesterol selectively from milk samples. This extraction process was used to clean-up milk samples with MOF-5/cryogel composit…

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