volume 3, issue 6 (93), P18-25 2018
DOI: 10.15587/1729-4061.2018.133460
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James Carr, Irina Goncharova, Dmitriy Golovko, Charles McLaughlin, Igor Golovko, John Erickson

Abstract: 2 4 FeO − with harmful organic and inorganic substances in an acidic, neutral and weakly alkaline condition. The kinetics and products of the oxidation of caffeine by acid-activated ferrate(VI) are described in [1]. The oxidation processes of pentachlorophenol [2] and phenol [3] by ferrate(VI) in neutral and weakly alkaline condition are offered. The kinetics and mechanism of ferrates(Fe(VI), Fe(V), and Fe(IV)) oxidation of iodide with the formation of triiodide at pH 5-10.3 [4] are present