volume 6, issue 3, P160-175 2014
DOI: 10.18632/aging.100643
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Zhaoyong Hu, Janet D. Klein, William E. Mitch, Liping Zhang, Ivan Martinez, Xiaonan H. Wang

Abstract: The mechanisms underlying the development of aging-induced muscle atrophy are unclear. By microRNA array and individual qPCR analyses, we found significant up-regulation of miR-29 in muscles of aged rodents vs. results in young. With aging, p85α, IGF-1 and B-myb muscle levels were lower while the expression of certain cell arrest proteins (p53, p16 and pRB) increased. When miR-29 was expressed in muscle progenitor cells (MPC), their proliferation was impaired while SA-βgal expression increased signifying the d…

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