volume 19, issue 4, P256-260 1996
DOI: 10.1016/0141-0229(95)00243-x
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Luis J. Pestchanker, Susan C. Roberts, Michael L. Shuler

Abstract: Suspension cultures of Taxus cuspidata were grown in shake flasks and Wilson-type reactors where bubbled air provided both agitation and mixing. Taxol titers of 22 mg l-1 were achieved for both configurations in 20 days for a volumetric productivity of 1.1 mg l-1 day-1. This productivity is many-fold higher than reported for other Taxus sp. suspension cultures. Taxol was released to the extracellular medium as it was produced with little intracellular retention (< or = 10%). Taxol production occurred during th…

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