Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2016 DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2016.02.015 View full text
Evangelos Petropoulos, Graham Cuff, Estibaliz Huete, Gorka Garcia, Matthew Wade, Daniela Spera, Loretta Aloisio, Joel Rochard, Alicia Torres, Dirk Weichgrebe

Abstract: WineHigh-rate a b s t r a c t Biodegradability and activity tests of winery wastewater at 37 • C using inoculum from a paper mill suggested hydrolysis as the rate limiting step with hydrogen the predominant pathway to methane. Scaling-up to a Hybrid-EGSB showed that after 100 days acclimation at moderate temperatures (20 ± 2 • C) a 70 ± 2% COD removal is achievable, applying an OLR of up to 15.32 kgCOD m −3 day −1 and an SLR of 3.83 kgCOD kgVSS −1 day −1 , respectively. Conventional operation and mesophilic t…

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