volume 126, issue 21, P4788-4799 2020
DOI: 10.1002/cncr.33135
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Yue Xue, Serdar Balci, Cisel Aydin Mericoz, Orhun C. Taskin, Hongmei Jiang, Burcin Pehlivanoglu, Takashi Muraki, Bahar Memis, Burcu Saka, Grace E. Kim, Sudeshna Bandopadhyay, Jessica Knight, Bassel F. El‐Rayes, Juan Sarmiento et al.

Abstract: BACKGROUND: The significance of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) deficiency in ampullary cancers (ACs) has not been established. METHODS: In total, 127 ACs with invasive carcinomas measuring ≥3 mmthat had adequate tissue were analyzed immunohistochemically. RESULTS: MMR loss was detected in 18% of ACs (higher than in colorectal cancers). Twelve tumors with MLH1-PMS2 loss were negative for BRAF V600E mutation, suggesting a Lynch syndrome association. MMR-deficient tumors (n = 23), comparedwith MMR-intact tumors (n = 1…

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