DOI: 10.4025/actascianimsci.v43i1.52796
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Luciane da Cunha Codognoto, Thassiane Telles Conde, Katia Luciene Maltoni, Glaucia Amorim Faria, Jucilene Cavali

Abstract: In this study, the stimulatory effects of application of glyphosate herbicide coupled with manganese sulfate (8%) foliar fertilizer on the production and bromatological characteristics of Brachiaria brizantha ‘Marandu’ were evaluated. The experiments were performed using randomized complete block design with a 5×4 factorial scheme in plots subdivided over time (across four evaluations) with four repetitions, totaling 100 observations. The effects of sublethal doses of acid equivalent (a.e.) of glyphosate (5.40…

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