DOI: 10.17265/2159-5542/2020.07.005
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David Catela, Ana Paula Seabra, Bernardo Matias, Miguel Nunes, Pedro Neves, Samuel Rodrigues

Abstract: At age 5, children with trisomy 21 have roughly 2 years of delayed motor development. We aimed to verify if children with trisomy 21 (AD) (N = 6, 7.67 ± 1.51 years) had a similar performance to children with a typical development (TD) (N = 37, 5.19 ± 0.40 years old), in a playful motor action (to spin on herself until she cannot get more). On average, ADs gave less laps, for less time, spending more time per rotation, but without significant difference. Of the AD, one-third fell and rose to continue to spin; o…

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