volume 4, issue 11, P823-842 2012
DOI: 10.18632/aging.100507
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Mary F. Lopez, James Tollervey, Bryan Krastins, Alejandra Garces, David Sarracino, Amol Prakash, Maryann Vogelsang, Glenn Geesman, Augusto Valderrama, I. King Jordan, Victoria V. Lunyak

Abstract: Cellular senescence is associated with global chromatin changes, altered gene expression, and activation of chronic DNA damage signaling. These events ultimately lead to morphological and physiological transformations in primary cells. In this study, we show that chronic DNA damage signals caused by genotoxic stress impact the expression of histones H2A family members and lead to their depletion in the nuclei of senescent human fibroblasts. Our data reinforce the hypothesis that progressive chromatin destabili…

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