DOI: 10.2118/197503-ms
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Sirag Al Zayani, Dayang Nuriza M. Munir, Nicholas Hooper, Kelvin Thian, M. Alham M. Johan, Muhamad Zaki Amir Hussein, Rahmat Wibisono, Akram Arifin, Masran Kadir, Shakri Shaifi Shahril, Chidi Ogueri

Abstract: Abstract In brownfield developments, prolonging the production life of the wells beyond the 30-year original well design life has been one of the challenges in managing well integrity. This challenge is often compromised by multiple tubing leaks or, in the worst case, by parted tubing caused by metal fatigue, erosion, and corrosion. The issue is often observed in many wells in the S field and usually occurs at a shallow depth between the tubing hanger and subsurface safety valve. The conventiona…

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