volume 99, issue 6, P765-773 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.6.765
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R. T. Chen, J. W. Glasser, P. H. Rhodes, R. L. Davis, W. E. Barlow, R. S. Thompson, J. P. Mullooly, S. B. Black, H. R. Shinefield, C. M. Vadheim, S. M. Marcy, J. I. Ward, R. P. Wise, S. G. Wassilak et al.

Abstract: Preliminary design, data collection, and analytic capability of the Vaccine Safety Datalink project has been validated by replication of previous known associations between seizures and DTP and MMR vaccines. The diversity in vaccine administration schedules permits potential disentangling of effects of simultaneous and combined vaccinations. The project provides a model of public health-managed care collaborations in addition to an excellent infrastructure for safety and other studies of vaccines.