Cell Reports volume 3, issue 4, P988-995 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2013.03.015 View full text
Vahbiz Jokhi, James Ashley, John Nunnari, Akiko Noma, Naoto Ito, Noriko Wakabayashi-Ito, Melissa J. Moore, Vivian Budnik

Abstract: SUMMARY A previously unrecognized mechanism by which large ribonucleoprotein (megaRNP) granules exit the nucleus is by budding through the nuclear envelope (NE). This mechanism is akin to the nuclear egress of Herpes-type viruses and is essential for proper synapse development. However, the molecular machinery required to remodel the NE during this process is unknown. Here we identify Torsin, a AAA-ATPase that in humans is linked to dystonia, as a major mediator of primary megaRNP envelopment during NE-buddin…

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