volume 151, issue 1-2, P2-28 2007
DOI: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2007.05.013
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David O. Lignell, Jacqueline H. Chen, Philip J. Smith, Tianfeng Lu, Chung K. Law

Abstract: Direct numerical simulations of a two-dimensional, nonpremixed, sooting ethylene flame are performed to examine the effects of soot-flame interactions and transport in an unsteady configuration. A 15-step, 19-species (with 10 quasi-steady species) chemical mechanism was used for gas chemistry, with a two-moment, four-step, semiempirical soot model. Flame curvature is shown to result in flames that move, relative to the fluid, either toward or away from rich soot formation regions, resulting in soot being esse…

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