Baghdad Sci.J volume 13, issue 2, P307-316 2016 DOI: 10.21123/bsj.13.2.307-316 View full text
Baghdad Science Journal

Abstract: In this work 5-methylene-yl - (2-methy –oxazole-4-one) (1H) imidazole (1) were synthesized from the reaction of L-Histidine with acetic anhydride and which converted to the of 5-methylene-yl-(2-methyl 3-amino imidazole-4-one)-1H-imidazole (2) by reaction with hydrazine hydrate. Schiff bases (3-6) were synthesized from the reaction of compound (2) with different aromatic aldehyde. Reaction of compounds (3-6) with chloroacetyl chloride gives azetidinone one derivatives (7-10). These compounds were characterized …

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