volume 99, issue 3, P338-344 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.3.338
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A. Kempe, P. H. Wise, N. S. Wampler, F. S. Cole, H. Wallace, C. Dickinson, H. Rinehart, D. C. Lezotte, B. Beaty

Abstract: These findings suggest that the etiology of postneonatal mortality is heterogeneous, with significant complexity in attributing specific causes of death and making designations of "preventability." The vast majority of infants who died of prematurity-related postneonatal causes never left the hospital, and only a small percentage of all infants that left the hospital before death were identified as being at high medical risk. Therefore, strategies for further decreasing postneonatal mortality must link high-ri…

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