Ramus volume 45, issue 2, P192-212 2016 DOI: 10.1017/rmu.2016.10 View full text
Carolyn MacDonald

Abstract: sunt…ista, Varro; nam nos in nostra urbe peregrinantis errantisque tamquam hospites tui libri quasi domum reduxerunt, ut possemus aliquando qui et ubi essemus agnoscere.(Cic. Acad. 1.3.9)What you say is true, Varro; for we were wandering and straying about, like foreigners in our own city, and your books, as it were, led us back home, so that we could see at last who and where we were. With its memorable image of the Antiquitates guiding home a Roman populace estranged from Rome, Cicero's compliment to Varro e…

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