volume 39, issue 13, P2815-2826 2005
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2005.04.059
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C.T. Kamala, K.H. Chu, N.S. Chary, P.K. Pandey, S.L. Ramesh, A.R.K. Sastry, K.Chandra Sekhar

Abstract: The ability of Garcinia cambogia, an indigenous plant found in many parts of India, to remove trivalent arsenic from solution was assessed. Batch experiments were carried out to characterize the As(III) removal capability of fresh and immobilized biomass of G. cambogia. It was found that the kinetic property and uptake capacity of fresh biomass were significantly enhanced by the immobilization procedure. The uptake of As(III) by fresh and immobilized biomass was not greatly affected by solution pH with optimal…

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