DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2012.09.020
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Teresita J. Ramirez, Ma. Teresa M. Perez, Susan A. Sedano, Arsenia B. Sapin, Rachel R. Elano, Lydia S. Manguiat, Mylele L. Bool, Cyril M. Madrid, Elizabeth C. Conde, Ruby J. Apilado

Abstract: The current study validates a rapid PCR-based detection method and developed at BIOTECH-UPLB in comparison with the traditional AOAC/BAM culture method involving enrichment step and plating in selective media. The kit consisted of reaction tubes containing selected primer set for Salmonella. The protocol includes two-step enrichment period, DNA extraction and amplification of DNA in a thermal cycler followed by gel electrophoresis procedure. Validation of the detection kit was done on both naturally-contaminat…

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