volume 32, issue 4, P1180-1187 1993
DOI: 10.1021/bi00055a024
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David A. Brummell, Vidhya P. Sharma, Naveen N. Anand, Doris Bilous, Ginette Dubuc, Joseph Michniewicz, C. Roger MacKenzie, Joanna Sadowska, Bent W. Sigurskjold

Abstract: The carbohydrate-binding site in Fab fragments of an antibody specific for Salmonella serogroup B O-polysaccharide has been probed by site-directed mutagenesis using an Escherichia coli expression system. Of the six hypervariable loops, the CDR3 of the heavy chain was selected for exhaustive study because of its significant contribution to binding-site topography. A total of 90 mutants were produced and screened by an affinity electrophoresis/Western blotting method. Those of particular interest were further c…

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