volume 30, issue 4, P1-6 2020
DOI: 10.1109/tasc.2020.2973119
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Eelis Takala, Giorgio Ambrosio, Nicolas Bourcey, Daniel W. Cheng, Paolo Ferracin, Michael Guinchard, Susana Izquierdo Bermudez, Franco Mangiarotti, Heng Pan, Juan Carlos Perez, Soren Prestemon, Giorgio Vallone, Thomas Strauss

Abstract: MQXF is the Nb3Sn Low-β Quadrupole magnet that the HL-LHC project is planning to install in the LHC interaction regions in 2026 as part of an upgrade to increase the LHC integrated luminosity by about a factor of ten. The magnet will be fabricated in two different lengths: 4.2 m for MQXFA, built in the US by the Accelerator Upgrade Project (AUP), and 7.15 m for MQXFB, fabricated by CERN. In order to qualify the magnet design and characterize its performance with different conductors, cable geometries and pre-l…

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