European Journal of Teacher Education volume 36, issue 4, P480-495 2013 DOI: 10.1080/02619768.2013.801073 View full text
Bart Rienties, Natasa Brouwer, Katerina Bohle Carbonell, Danielle Townsend, Anne-Petra Rozendal, Janneke van der Loo, Peter Dekker, Simon Lygo-Baker

Abstract: AbstractHigher education institutions should provide adequate training for teachers in order to increase their awareness of the complex interplay between technology, pedagogy and the cognitive knowledge in their disciplines. However, research has shown that providing effective staff development by teacher educators to support these teachers' skills is not straightforward. An online teacher training program created and implemented by a team of 14 teacher educators in a cross-institutional program in the Nether…

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