Optics Communications 2018 DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2018.01.055 View full text
K. Nithyanandan, A.K. Shafeeque Ali, K. Porsezian, M.P.M. Nishad, P. Tchofo Dinda, Ph. Grelu

Abstract: We report a novel optical multistability in two core oppositely directed saturable coupler (ODSC) with negative index material (NIM) channel. The dynamics are studied using the Langrangian variational method and Jacobi elliptic functions are used to construct the analytical solutions. The ODSC exhibits a bandgap as a consequence of the effective feedback mechanism due to the opposite directionality of the phase velocity and Poynting vector in the NIM channel. We observe that the system admits multiple stable …

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