volume 7, issue 1, P35 2021
DOI: 10.3390/fermentation7010035
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Pietro Barbaccia, Gabriele Busetta, Michele Matraxia, Anna Maria Sutera, Valentina Craparo, Giancarlo Moschetti, Nicola Francesca, Luca Settanni, Raimondo Gaglio

Abstract: Red grape Nero d’Avola cultivar grape pomace powder (GPP) was applied during fresh ovine cheese production in order to increase polyphenol content. Before cheeses were produced, the bacteria of a freeze-dried commercial starter culture were isolated and tested in vitro against GPP. Two dominant strains, both resistant to GPP, were identified. Thestarter culture was inoculated in pasteurized ewe’s milk and the curd was divided into two bulks, one added with 1% (w/w) GPP and another one GPP-free. GPP did not inf…

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