Biochemical Pharmacology volume 82, issue 9, P1066-1072 2011 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2011.07.064 View full text
Haikuo Tang, Huanjie Shao, Chunrong Yu, Jinsong Hou

Abstract: YM155, a small-molecule survivin suppressant, exhibits anti-tumor activities in vitro, in vivo and in clinical trials. However, the mechanism of YM155 action remains unclear. In this study, YM155 was administered to a panel of cell lines and the effects of YM155 on Bcl-2 family members were analyzed. Our results show that YM155 strikingly downregulates Mcl-1 in a broad spectrum of cancer cell lines and that the Mcl-1 modulation occurs at the transcriptional level, independently of survivin modulation or caspas…

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