DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2014.04.003
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Kana Sop Marie Modestine, Gouado Inocent, Schweigert Florian, Van Camp John, Oberleas Donald, Amvam Zollo Paul Henri, Tetanye Ekoe

Abstract: Iron, zinc and vitamin A deficiencies co-exist in Cameroon in all age groups. However, natural sources of vitamin A are available and could be used to meet the need of the whole population in association with iron and zinc supplementation. This study aims at assessing the serum levels of zinc and iron after 11 days of supplementation. The study enrolled 26 men (18-33 years), distributed into five groups. From the first day, they were supplemented with 20 mg of zinc and iron, taken each alone, both either toget…

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