volume 38, issue 8, P571-579 2010
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2010.02.010
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Ralf Gutwald, Jörg Haberstroh, Andres Stricker, Eva Rüther, Florian Otto, Samuel Porfirio Xavier, Toshiyuki Oshima, E. Marukawa, I. Seto, S. Enomoto, Christiaan F. Hoogendijk, Rainer Schmelzeisen, Sebastian Sauerbier

Abstract: SUMMARY.Background: Several studies have reported certain bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) to have positive effects on bone generation. Although some investigators have studied the effects of human recombinant BMP (rhBMP-2) in sinus augmentation in sheep, none of these studies looked at the placement of implants at the time of sinus augmentation. Furthermore, no literature could be found to report on the impact that different implant systems, as well as the positioning of the implants had on bone formation if…

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