Biochemical Pharmacology volume 78, issue 12, P1483-1490 2009 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2009.08.003 View full text
Olga L. Zharikova, Valentina M. Fokina, Tatiana N. Nanovskaya, Ronald A. Hill, Donald R. Mattison, Gary D.V. Hankins, Mahmoud S. Ahmed

Abstract: One of the factors affecting the pharmacokinetics (PK) of a drug during pregnancy is the activity of hepatic and placental metabolizing enzymes. Recently, we reported on the biotransformation of glyburide by human hepatic and placental microsomes to six metabolites that are structurally identical between the two tissues. Two of the metabolites, 4-trans- (M1) and 3-cis-hydroxycyclohexyl glyburide (M2b), were previously identified in plasma and urine of patients treated with glyburide and are pharmacologically …

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