volume 66, issue 5, P3172-3178 1992
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.66.5.3172-3178.1992
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P J Snijders, A J van den Brule, H F Schrijnemakers, P M Raaphorst, C J Meijer, J M Walboomers

Abstract: Human papillomavirus type 33 (HPV-33)-specific early region transcripts in a tonsillar carcinoma were analyzed by using the RNA polymerase chain reaction method. A total of five cDNA species including species with potential to encode E6*I, E6*II, and E6*III, could be identified. As determined by 3' cDNA end mapping, one E6*I cDNA species was found to utilize a novel early region poly(A) site and was polyadenylated at or near the putative initiation codon of the El open reading frame (ORF). Compared with the HP…

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