DOI: 10.1111/jfbc.13671
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Thiago da Rosa Lima, Fabrício Azevedo Voltarelli, Lorena Silva Freire, Franciely Alves Silva, Paula Caroline Almeida, Eudes Thiago Pereira Ávila, Suélem Aparecida França, Mayara Peron Pereira, Amílcar Sabino Damazo, James Wilfred Navalta, Carlos Alexandre Fett, Nair Honda Kawashita

Abstract: In the present study, we associated a high-fat diet (HF group: 45% kcal from lipids) or very high-fat (VHF group: 60% kcal from lipids) diet with a fructose drink (10% fructose) for hydration. Normal rat chow that received the control diet (content 16.3% kcal from lipid-AIN93G) and water. The treatments were introduced soon after weaning and were administered for 70 days. We aimed to compare HF and VHF groups and find which acts as a better model mimicking human obesity. Body mass gain, final body weight, adip…

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