DOI: 10.17265/2159-5542/2015.01.002
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Abreu-Afonso José, Dinis César, Ferreira Guilherme, Sara Maria Caseiro Ferro, Marques Paulo Motta, Melo João Carlos, Neto Isaura, Porto Manuela, Rodrigues Teresa Bastos, Valente Aucíndio

Abstract: Definition of Group Analysis  Group-analysis came into view with Foulkes' works in the Northfield Hospital in London by the 1940s during the World War II. His conceptions among us were modified by Cortesão (1989). To speak about group-analysis in Portugal, it is indispensable to define its specificity and to clarify the concepts which support it. Thus, it is conceptualized and described as a way of investigation and therapy based on the psychoanalytic theory; however, it operates with discriminated proceeding…

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