African Zoology volume 47, issue 2, P261-269 2012 DOI: 10.3377/004.047.0211 View full text
A. Ganswindt, A.S.W. Tordiffe, E. Stam, M.J. Howitt, F. Jori

Abstract: Little is known about the levels of stress experienced by African buffalos affected by injury, disease, or socio-ecological and anthropogenic factors. To be able to start filling this gap, we examined the suitability of two 11-oxoaetiocholanolone enzyme-immunoassays (EIAs) detecting 11,17 dioxoandrostanes (11,17-DOA) as well as faecal glucocorticoid metabolites (FGMs) with a 5b-3a-ol-11-one structure (3a,11oxo-CM), respectively, for monitoring stress-related physiological responses in African buffalo. An adre…

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