volume 11, issue 1, P71 2014
DOI: 10.1186/preaccept-8113334281337924
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Nicolas Bekkouche, Reinhardt M Kristensen, Andreas Hejnol, Martin V Sørensen, Katrine Worsaae

Abstract: Introduction: Limnognathia maerski is the single species of the recently described taxon, Micrognathozoa. The most conspicuous character of this animal is the complex set of jaws, which resembles an even more intricate version of the trophi of Rotifera and the jaws of Gnathostomulida. Whereas the jaws of Limnognathia maerski previously have been subject to close examinations, the related musculature and other organ systems are far less studied. Here we provide a detailed study of the body and jaw musculature o…

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