volume 51, issue 2, P91-101 2018
DOI: 10.2478/cerce-2018-0020
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T.H. Farooq, N.P. Gautam, M.H.U Rashid, M.M. Gilani, W. Nemin, M.F. Nawaz, W. Islam, M. Zainab, P. Wu

Abstract: Abstract Agroforerstry (AF) in the farmlands of Punjab (Pakistan) is a tradition, but it was practiced without any proper methodology. From last few years, AF practices have become popular in Punjab. Especially in the rural areas woody biomass is being used as a major source of energy. The study was designed to examine the contributions of AF on the socio-economic conditions of the farmers in the central Punjab of Pakistan. District Chiniot was selected as the universe of study and a detailed survey was conduc…

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