DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2016.06.005
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Frédéric De Nardi, David Delaunay, Roland Talibart, Xavier Castel, Laurent Le Gendre, Arnaud Castillo, Christine Pissavin

Abstract: Abstract: Advanced material with antibacterial properties would be a promising way to improve the disinfection process in food plants. Our objective was to combine the bactericidal effect of TiO 2 with the mechanical strength of TiN coatings. A TiO 2 rutile film was obtained after annealing of a supplied 316 stainless steel with a TiN coating. This TiO 2 upperlayer displays a photocatalytic activity under UV light exposure. The substrates with the TiN coating and the TiO 2 upperlayer are more hydrophobic than…

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