volume 28, issue 6, P717-721 2014
DOI: 10.3109/02688697.2014.918580
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Claudio Schonauer, Reuben Johnson, Stefano Chiriatti, Raffaele de Falco, Vincenzo Albanese, Enrico Tessitore, Giuseppe M. V. Barbagallo

Abstract: Adult idiopathic occlusion of the foramen of Monro (AIOFM) is a rare condition, with only few cases described in the modern literature. We propose that AIOFM may result from unilateral or bilateral occlusion of Monro foramina, as well as from progression of a monolateral hydrocephalus. Different surgical strategies may be required for effective treatment according to the type of occlusion. To date, only 12 cases of AIOFM have been reported in the literature. We report the cases of two patients, aged 20 and 47 …

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