DOI: 10.1590/2317-4889202120200067
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Marcelo Alfredo Reguero, David Eric Tineo, Paula Bona, Leandro Martín Pérez, Gustavo Dardo Vergani, Gloria González Ruiz, Daniel Gustavo Poiré

Abstract: Geological studies in the northern sector of the Chaco foreland Basin, Bolivia, yielded new fossils coming from late Oligocene-late Miocene of the Petaca Formation. Few fossil mammals were known from the Subandean Region of Bolivia. We report a partially complete mandible of a hegetotheriid Hegetotheriinae (Notoungulata, Typotheria) from Abapó (Río Grande River). The specimen (YPFB-LIT-PAL-005) is very close in size and dental morphology to the late Oligocene (Deseadan South American Land Mammal Age, SALMA) -S…

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