volume 29, issue 11, P1491-1496 1996
DOI: 10.1016/0021-9290(96)84545-3
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S.J.J. Turkawski, L.J. van Ruijven, M. van Kuyen, A.W. Schreurs, W.A. Weijs

Abstract: A new transducer was developed for in situ measurement of the force vector in a complex muscle. The transducer measures the magnitude, and the line of action of a force in a single plane. The dynamic range of the transducer is 0-5 N. This range includes the small forces developed by an active motor unit and the relatively large passive force of a whole muscle. In this study we present the details of the transducer design and specifications, and describe its application in the measurement of motor unit forces o…

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