volume 36, issue 5, P00-00 1999
DOI: 10.1590/s1413-95961999000500002
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Abstract: 0.10). Estrus onset was detected from 28 to 68 hours following treatment in both classes of females. The interval between sponge removal and estrus onset was 46.88 ± 11.78 hours for the ewe herd, being 46.99 ± 12.22 hours for adult ewes and 47.31 ± 10.94 hours for ewe lambs (p>0.10). Statistical differences were found only for the intervals 34-38 (p<0.10) and 50-54 hours (p<0.05) between adult ewes and ewe lambs. It was concluded that the treatment used was effective for estrus synchronization in ewes.]]>