Coverage and Comparison with other indexes is the only platform that provides access to citation statements and whether citations support, contrast, or mention publications, research assets, datasets, methods, protocols or just about anything.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your articles from?

We get our articles from many different sources, primarily from indexing agreements with publishers (Wiley, Karger, Thieme, Sage, BMJ, and many more) and from different open sources such as unpaywall, pubmed, fatcat, various preprint servers, open access journals, and more.

What is your coverage of X subject?

We try to cover all fields as much as possible. You can easily find out our coverage by looking at the journals we cover. Feel free to email us if you would have specific coverage questions.

How much overlap do you have with X database?

We have a lot of overlap with many databases and because we extract and analyze citations with our own algorithms, we generally have many citations that other database do not have. We cannot make a direct comparison of our coverage with citation indexes such as Scopus and Web of Science since their data is not open and available to make comparisons.

Can I use scite as a direct replacement for Scopus, Web of Science, or Dimensions?

Yes, you certainly can. We believe we have the same features and functionality as the other platforms, but our primary value, which other platforms don't have, is our citation statements. If you have specific questions about use-cases or feature requests, please let us know here.

What is the difference between scite Citation Statement Search and a full-text search like Google Scholar or Academic Search Complete?

Citation Statement Search shows you exactly why and where a keyword or phrase was used by showing the entire citation context including not only fully complete surrounding sentences but also the section (such as methods, results, or discussion) the match occured, whether the returned paper is a preprint, whether it's been retracted, whether it's been supported or contrasted by other works and more. By presenting results in context, you are presented with much more relevant and contextualized search results that can ensure you are not wasting time or money investigating irrelevant research. To learn more click here

Do you offer biblometrics and assesment services?

Yes we do! Email us at about what you're looking for.